A quick note: where to look

As we approach the end of what has been in some ways a strange year, I’ve learned – actually learned, rather than just saying I know about it then ignoring – about balance. Which applies as much to this site as much as anywhere.

In the last few weeks, I’ve put a few longer, review-type posts up on my Instagram. Sometimes it’s seemed like a good place for me to go into detail about a particular artwork in a way this blog currently isn’t for (though might become) – such as the absolutely fantastic “Geraniums” by Ruth Murray, featured image. A couple of times I’ve also used it for commenting upon things I’ve seen, but I think I can cover my thoughts on in a simpler form than a long blog. In it’s own way it’s a challenge to work within a more restricted format. It makes me think very carefully about how to distil my thoughts down into their essence, rather than give into temptation to ramble.

And it also seems that the format is encouraging more comments and DM’s, which I love! The whole point of me writing has always been to talk to you about what I see, and the conversation feels like a bit more of a two-way street with your comments.

So if we’re not connected on Instagram, get over there! But keep coming here too – got a few shows and other things pencilled in the diary for long-form pieces which

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