I’ve been busy with new writing, just not for here!

Now it’s been a couple of weeks since my Linda McCartney post went up, you might be wondering when the next words will be appearing. In fact I’ve been busy writing a few different things lately which are all either fresh out or being published soon elsewhere in the media.

This week saw the return of Bido Lito to the streets of Liverpool, and with it the publication of a piece I first started working on in March. In person and on social media (if you’re not following me on Twitter and Instagram already go and do it now!) I’ve been excited about Future Yard for months now. I mean, a new music venue! In Birkenhead! With some absolutely cracking gigs scheduled for the next year! Their festival last year was great, so a new permanent space would be something to celebrate any time. But especially now, when the live performance landscape is in such turbulent times.

And especially in Birkenhead, a town which has sat for so long in the shadow of the iconic city across the river. Future Yard have a mission which goes far beyond the bricks and mortar of a venue, which it was genuinely exciting to hear about. I’ve got my hands on tickets for a few of their gigs already.

"Bido Lito" magazine issue 109 September 2020 laid on a wooden table.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine from bars, coffee shops and venues across Liverpool and Wirral. Or you can read online – I’ve added the link to “Birkehead Won’t Die” to my More page under Bido Lito.

I’ll keep you updated with all the places you can find new words from me . There’ll be new posts on the blog very soon too. Got a few things lined up and something trying to find a home, so stay tuned!

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