A musical interlude

Sound City 2016: Bramley Moore Dock, Liverpool, 28-29 May

This is the fourth year in a row I have been to Sound City.  In that time it’s changed from a city-centre, multi-venue festival to an all-our ‘event’ type affair.  Having had another weekend of good music, I thought that this week I would put together a visual record of the festival.  It must be said that as well as regularly sounding great this was a festival which looked excellent – some really fantastic lights and visuals going on around the site, not all of which I captured unfortunately (blame that on having too much fun).

You may have gathered that alongside seeing some of the big name acts on the bill – The Coral and Young Fathers being amongst my highlights – I spent a good proportion of Sunday watching the Korean showcase.  This is what I love about Sound City: you may not have heard of many of the bands on the bill, but walk around and something will grab your attention.  The Korean showcase has been an even every year I’ve been to the festival and the bands are always good fun, and that’s what a music festival should be about.


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